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We are a team of travel industry and technology experts that have experienced the dynamics and the various influences and impacts of technology and innovation in the travel industry. We believe that the industry is poised for a revolution in technology led developments resulting in a new wave of efficiency, process improvements and savings opportunities.

We are on a journey to unlock the potential of a new partnership between technological innovation and travel procurement, both in the corporate and leisure travel space. We see our partners on this journey as being travel suppliers (airlines, hotels, car hire and transfer companies), travel technology and systems providers, agents, Travel Management Companies and you, the customer.

We see new way of searching for travel products and content, a new way of buying travel products and services and a new way of experiencing the entire process of selecting your optimal travel experience.

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The Travel Technology Scene

The Travel Industry is no different to most prominent industries today in terms of relying heavily on technological developments to constantly re-define how customers are served. Through automation and innovation we look to improve the way we process customer requests, the way we record transactions and generally, the way keep our industry progressing.

At Trans-End our focus is on content distribution. We have witnessed the dynamics withing the industry and the constant search for cost effective ways to improve the customer experience when evaluating the various travel options they face. Particularly in terms or air travel, we have seen a lot of activity in refining the way airlines have attempted to position their options to customers. This is most evident in the New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative launched by IATA on behalf of their member airlines.

Trans-End has been closely involved in the NDC initiative and as such have achieved a Level 4 NDC certification from IATA. We are the first company to achieve this in South Africa as well as the greater Sub-Sahara African region.

What We Do

Our Product Suite

We provide a range of innovative technology to the travel industry, its suppliers, customers and intermediaries, in an effort to ease and improve the way business is conducted at all levels. We focus on distribution of travel content (airline tickets, hotel and other accommodation options, transfers and car hire opportunities), through two main channels:

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